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Glockness Monster 23:10, (CDT) This is a very dumb discussion, these are two completely different weapons, one's.62x51 Battle rifle, the other is.56x45mm Assault rifle.
Don't confuse legitimate criticism with a personal attack, and your response back was a personal attack and beneath you, especially the fine responses you usually write (and the fact that you're bauer sucht frau josef trennung a MOD now).Jackbel 19:22, 12 November 2010 (UTC) Not allowing PNG's Someone noted that if we're discouraging uploading of PNG files, then it should be removed as an acceptable format on the upload page.Ritch 16:52, 25 February 2011 (UTC) It's a hoax.World Champion George MacMillan was at Autosport International displaying his new 2015 season car with the Zetec engine package fitted.Who created those pages anyway?Just use the Print Screen button and paste it into whatever program you want; you can then crop out the interface and whatnot.Click images below, then go to Wiring Options to read more.First of all, sign your name or username when you leave a message.There's also John Saxon here.
Kloga 15:39, (UTC) I don't know about that.
The actors seem to change weapons randomly.
The first two are also adaptions of a preceding series (a book series for the former and a television series for the latter) that center around a former government agent who has gone into retirement but finds himself put back into action.I will love it to be a H K P7M13, that is the perfect gun, a beauty, but is not currently under production and it will impossible to get a "clean" one.I appreciate the fact that this is less of an issue with imcdb due to the format of the site, and at times, I wish we could integrate elements of imcdb into this site to standardize things a bit (I still get annoyed when.Is the the assassin shooting from a distance?You'll need a photo editor such as Corel Photoshop or even Paintshop.Prince of Thieves was a monster hit and the one most remember; Robin Hood was a failure even in Britain.Then you need the appropriate category.Of the two Mortal Kombat was more faithful to the source material.Orca1 9904 21:18, (UTC) I couldn't agree more, it turns me off when I'm going through a neat looking page, and then come across a bunch of comments and arguments.The images will be saved to a folder.

Evil Tim 04:33, (CDT) Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Could someone ad photos of the shotguns used in those two films?
Neither won as both films flopped at the box office.