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Kuba prostitution

Ivan Garcia, 43, a dissident Havana journalist who has written several articles on prostitution, said the underage prostitutes are typically poor, hopeless and desperate.
Many citizens have turned to prostitution in order to make a sufficient living, to feed families, or more drastically, to get out of the country.
It is also important to note that prostitution in a corrupt and poor country only decreases its chance of further development.
This was largely caused by the US blockade, which led to economic stagnation, and was also due to the fall of the Soviet Union, the source of Cubas most significant support.The low level of infection and the relatively inexpensive price of sex have made the island popular with foreigners as a sex tourism destination.Due to the disconcerting shortage of statistics on sex workers and the reluctance of the government to acknowledge the pressing issue, the cedaw committee proposed reforms for guaranteed access to justice, free legal assistance programmes, protection for victims of violence, and mandatory training for judges.Prostitution also began to be presented in Cuban films, acting as a metaphor for the downfall of the socialist system and for the island being sold out to foreign tourists and investors.Although the government has taken some steps towards the elimination of prostitution, it seems that other issues have changed the political agenda, since the government has continued to turn a blind eye to the matter."Why prostitution is a powerful metaphor in Cuban film".But, he added helpfully, they can be found in houses waiting for the call from pimps.The spirit of freedom that governs our nation".The committee gave two years for Cuba to inform them on the policies and steps taken towards the implementation of their recommendations.
A public-education campaign in schools and on television and radio promotes the use of condoms and informs people about how sex dates hannover HIV is transmitted.
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"The Political Economy of Desire: Geographies of Female Sex Work in Havana, Cuba".Under Spanish law slaves had the right to buy their own freedom, and some of the slaves working in Havana households used prostitution as a way of raising money for this purpose.38 Financial need was the primary motivation for people entering prostitution during this time, and Cuba gained a reputation as the "Thailand of the Caribbean".Retrieved This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain.Cuban prostitutes also worked at the US Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.Diplomats in Havana in 2009 noted that some Cuban children are reportedly pushed into prostitution by their families, exchanging sex for money, food or gifts, but gave no overall numbers.

More than one million Canadian tourists visited Cuba last year.
Inès Lecland photo Conrad Richardson.