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Utani hur medivia

If you have a daily reward streak of 3, 4 or 5 days, you will regenerate mana inside Resting Areas as depots, temples and houses.
Offer an Eternal Winter or Wrath of Nature service.
Disintegrate adito tera Support Makes 3 Disintegrate Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune ).
Since most Rods cannot attack as far away as a Bow or Crossbow that Paladins use, druids need to use trees, stairs, and other obstacles to help maintain a distance from strong creatures.Heal Party utura mas sio 32 Varies.Since Druids have strong attack spells, when you reach the level requirement for the Eternal Winter or Wrath of Nature spell, you will become very valuable on a large hunt or quest.Total damage is 105 hitpoints (5 turns of 5 hp, 5 rounds of 4, 7 rounds of 3, 10 rounds of 2 and 19 rounds of 1) untill damage stops (when not healed).This can also be used on yourself.Sometimes, that is difficult and some people might not enjoy such gameplay Not the best choice for hunting for profit due to the cost of runes and low carrying capacity Lowest amount of hitpoints and slowest regeneration (same as sorcerers ) Slowest advancement in shielding.Even helping with a quest that you have already completed, you can charge a large amount of money to help a group complete the quest.Fire Wall adevo mas grav flam Support Makes 4 Fire Wall Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune ).The changes on crown tokens: Before crown tokens was a account balance(all account characters had the same balance).
If you are a Premium Account player and you have a daily reward streak of 6 or more days, you are advised to stay inside resting areas since you will regenerate twice the mana you would regenerate outside these places.
When hunting with summons, you do not need to use as many runes, and you can stay in your hunting area longer because you are not using as much mana with your Rod.Using rods uses mana.Sends out an earth missile (like HMM it deals Earth Damage.Great Light utevo gran lux Support Provides illumination in a 4 tile radius around the caster (area effect).Make sure you have access to Food at all times.This table is only an idea to help you build your own set of hotkeys, gefickte nutte you obviously do not need to use these key assignments if you do not want.Light Healing exura 8 20 0 Healing Restores a small amount of health.Soulfire adevo res flam Support Makes 3 Soulfire Runes (requiring 1 Blank Rune ).You may also do this on a group hunt, using the Mass Healing spell to heal other players, as well as summoned creatures.Convinces a creatures to help you.

Creates a 33 area of Poison Fields.
Can use, magic Shield to drastically increase survivability, fastest advancement in magic level (same as sorcerers ).